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Trainee Mentor Publications Research
Anaya, Paul Arenaz, P Paul Anaya and Michael J. Wargovich. "The Role of Dietary Calcium and Fat in Calcium Soap Formation Within the Colon." M.D. Anderson Hospital and Tumor Institute Summer Research Program for College Students, Houston, TX August 12, 1988 Research at UTEP: Elucidating the cell cycle modulation of DNA repair processes in Chinese hamster V79 long fibroblasts. Results of his research recently submitted to Environmental and Molecular Mutagenesis
Armendariz, Veronica Gardea-Torresdey, Jorge "Investigation of Au(III) Binding to Oat and Wheat biomasses: Bioprocess to Produce Novel Au Nanostructres." Purpose of research project was to use Oat (Avena ftatua var delicias) and Wheat (Ttiticum aestivumcv monida) biomasses in order to study the possible biological formation of gold nanoparticles after reaction of the biomass with Au(III) solution. (No Summer Research Experience at alternate location)
Aun, Jose Goldstein, P. Paul Goldstein, Mark Watts, and Jose Aun. "Resistance to Lethal Levels of Diethylstilbestrol (DES) in the Nematode Caenorhabditis Elegans." Manuscript in file. Abstract: Jose Aun, Paul Goldstein. "An Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay for Diethlystilbesterol." UTEl Paso Both works above undated. (ca.1989)
Barnett, Jennifer Mayberry, L. Examining the immunoglobulin livels in the serum, mucosa and intestinal content of rats infrected with Nippostrongylus brasiliensis and/or Eimeria nieschulzi in order to grain information on the suppression of Nippostrongylus self-cure by E. nieschulzi. The Mayberry group has developed an ELISA procedure using IgG and Jennifer will begin testing for additional antibodies such as IgA, IgM and subclasses of IgG.
Borunda, Daniel Ellzey, J. Borunda, D., J.T. Ellzey and T.L Stevens. 1995 "Ultrastructure of Peromyscus maniculatus hepatocytes." Texas Society of Electron Microscopy Journal 26: (2) 50-53 Borunda, D. 1995. " Computerized morphometric analysis of hepatocyte organelles from Peromyscus maniculatus," Undergraduate Honors Thesis University of Texas at El Paso Borunda, D., J.T. Ellzey, and T.L. Stevens. 1995. "Ultrastructure of Peromyscus maniculatus hepatocytes." Texas Society of Electron Microscopy Journal. 26:2 50-53. Borunda D., C.A. Caldwell, and W.R. Gould. 1997. "Total mercury concentrations in aquatic food-web components of Caballo and Elephant Butte reservoirs (Sierra County, NM)." New Mexico and Arizona Fisheries Society 30th Annual Joint Meeting. Oral presentation; Job related water quality monitoring
Bradford, Chad Moss, D.
Briones, Noelle Chianelli,R none Comparative study on the clay complexes of Maya Blue, Thioindigo and Tyrian Purple
Caballero, Noel Dirk, C. and Pannell, K. C.W. Dirk, N. Caballero, A. Tan, M.G. Kuzyk, L-T. Cheng, H.E. Katz, M.L. Schilling, L. King "Further Efforts in Optimizing Nonlinear Optical Molecules" SPIE Symposium Proceedings, 1992, 1775, 64-73; C.W. Dirk, N. Caballero, M.G. Kuzyk "The Quadratic Electro-Optic Effect in Molecules With Large Molecular Hyperpolarizabilities" Chemistry of Materials, 1993, 5, 733-737. Sneh Sharma, Noel Caballero, Hong Li, and Keith H. Pannell*, The Si-Ge Bond: Rearrangements, Migrations and Cleavages. Organometallics, 1999 in press.
Castaneda, Luis Ellzey, J. Presentation: Castaneda, L., B.P. Stewart and J.T. Ellzey. 1996 "An ultrastructural comparison of liver and lung tissue from Peromyscus maniculatus." Student EXPO, the University of Texas at El Paso, April, 1996; Publication: Castaneda, L., Dader,L, and Ellzey J.T. 1997 A computerized morphometric analysis of organelles from intoxicate ADH-positive and ADH-negative Peromyscus maniculatus. Science EXPO, UTEP, April, 1997 A stereological and biochemical assessment of hepatocyte organelles and enzymes from Peromyscus maniculatus exposed to ethanol vapors. Deer mice lacking cytosolic alcohol dehydrogenase are compared to deer mice with cytosolic alcohol dehydrogenase in order to assess ultrastructural changes in hepatocyte organelles in response to ethanol.
Castaneda, Luisa Moss, D.
Castillo, Cynthia Das, S. Carrasco, R., Subramanian, A., Marti, M., Castillo, C, and Das, S. "Role of exogenous myo-inositol and phosphatidylinositol in glycosylphosphatidylinositol anchor synthesis by an intestinal protozoan Giardia lamblia." Biochimica et Biophysica Acta ( submitted) 1998. Gibson, G.R., Ramirez, D., Maier, J., Castillo, C., and Das, S. Giardia lamblia: "Incorporation of free and conjugated fatty acids into glycerol-based phospholipids." Experimental Parasitology (in press) 1998 Studied the mechanisms of fluorescent lipid movement in this primitive protozoan, Giardia. She has already defended her undergraduate MARC thesis on "Mechanisms of Lipid Trafficking by Giardia.
Chavez, Edna Melina Das, S. Investigating the phosphatidylinositol -3-kinase (PI-3-kinase) and phosphatidylinositol specific phospholipase-C8 in Giardia and its possible relationship with GPI-glycolipid synthesis. She is also learning techniques like immunobloting, SDS-PAGE, fluorescent microscopy, etc.
Chavez, Margarita Arenaz, P. Research at UTEP: Elucidation of the cell cycle modulation of DNA repair processes in a repair deficient Chinese hamster cell line CG-11. Her work laid the foundation for many of our current studies on aberrant industion of DNA repair in hamster cells.
Chaves, Oscar Arenaz, P. Constructed a cDNA library from Chinese hamsters cells and began screening the library. (UTEP)
Dadras, Leila Becvar, J. Research: How bioluminous bacteria are affected by crown ethers
De La Cruz, Miguel Ellzey, J. Presentations: "Bt Toxin vs. C. elegans: A Search for the LD50.", "A Histological and Ultrastructural Study of the Liverin Mice Fed Sodium Arsenate in Drinking Water." Research EXPO, the University of Texas at El Paso, April 18, 2002. A Histological and Ultrastructural Study of the Liverin Mice Fed Sodium Arsenate in Drinking Water. Summer Research: University of California at San Diego Summer Research Program 2002, Summer Training in Academic Research, Pathology Program.
Delmont, Timothy Pannell, K. Ellzey, J. T., C. A. Munoz, E. C. Dow, G. Elrod, M. De La Cruz, H. Gonzalez, P. Boentges and L. Dader. An Aeromycology Pilot Project at the University of Texas at El Paso, Mycological Society of America, Oregon
DeSantos, Christina Bristol Aeromycology Pilot Project at the University of Texas at El Paso, Mycological Society of America, Oregon
Estrada, Abril Martinez, Luis E. Solid phase synthesis of substiture Quinone Compounds
Fernandez, Sharon Aley, S. Presentation: "Genetic Evidence for Transfer of Agrobacterium tumefaciens Chromosomal Products to Plant Cells"; Sharon P. Fernandez, UTEP Class of 2000 Attempted a more direct approach to mapping a segment of Giardia lamblia chromosomal DNA using an Atomic Force Microscope (AFM). This way I can directly observe the endonuclease proteins bound to the DNA with the order and spacing maintained.
Flores, Tony Irwin, Louis N. Summer Research Experience 2002 Mt. Sinai School of Medicine/ SURP Program June 2,2002-Aug. 9, 2002 Research Projrct: “Differential Gene Expression in Behaviorally Stimulated Rats”. His purpose is to determine the extent to which the brain responds at the level of genetic transcription to prolonged environmental and social stimulation. This project will help elucidate the mechanisms of brain plasticity at the molecular level.
Gamboa, Antonio Davis, M. Presentation: Michael Davis, Juan Ulloa, Antonio Gamboa, and Gerard Douheret. Group additivity contributions to the thernodynamic properties of nonionic amphiphile + water systems. Vichy, France. August 1997 UTEP:Involved determining the excess molar enthalpies (heats of mixing) of 2-butoxyethanol (BE) + heptane and 2-butoxy-2-ethoxyethanol (BEE) + heptane. The measurements were restricted to the heptane-rich mole fraction ranges. The data was of good enough quality to warrant analyses using a mass action model.. The results of the analyses support the hypothesis that the amphiphilic BE and BEE form small oligameric clusters.
Garcia, K. Michelle Mayberry, L. K.M. Garcia, L.F. Mayberry, Abstract: "Selecting for Precocious Lines of Eimeria Papillata Using Balb/C Mice as a Mammalian Model." University of Texas at El Paso, 1999. K.M. Garcia, L.F. Mayberry, Abstract: "Comparison of Eimeria Papillata Infections Between ICR Mice and Balb/C Variant Mice." University of Texas at El Paso, 1999. Selecting for a Precocious Line of E. papillata using BALB/c Mice as a Mammalian Model.
Gaytan, Oswaldo Mayberry, L. O. Gaytan. A.C. Swann. N. Dafny. Effects of a single dose of amphetamine at the beginning of the light cycle on multiple indices of motor activity in the rat. Eur. J. Pharmacol. 300 (1996) 1-8. O. Gaytan, D. Ghelani, S. Martin, A. Swann, N. Dafny. Dose-response characteristics of methylphenidate on different motor indices of rat's locomotor activity at the beginning of the dark cycle. Brain Research. 727, 13-21.(1996) O. Gaytan, Sarah al-Rahim, Alan Swann, and Nachum Dafny. Sensitization to Locomotor Effects of Methylphenidate in the Rat. Pharmacology Letters, 61 #8 June, 1997. O. Gaytan, Dipak Ghelani, Steve Martin, Alan Swann, Nachum Dafny. Methylphenidate: diurnal effects on locomotor and stereotypic behaviour in the rat. Brain Research, 777(1997) 1-12. O. Gaytan, A. Swann, N. Dafny. Diurnal differences in rat's motor response to amphetamine. Eur J. Pharmacology 345 (1998) 119-128.
Guillory, Paulette Pannell, K. Chosen to represent the United States at an International Youth Plutonium Forum in Obninsk, Russia where she presented one of only two undergraduate student papers: "Synthesis of a New Actinide Complexing Agent." Working on a project to synthesize ligands that have specific properties for removal of Americium (III) from radioactive water solutions. This is a key aspect for the clean up of the country's nuclear wate disposal problem.
Hernandez, Jose Luis Webb, R. Abstract: "Transcriptional Response of the Cyanobacterium Synechacoccussp PCC7942 To Environmental Stresses." UT El Paso. 1994-95
Hickerson, Robyn Becvar, J. Hickerson, Robyn, and J.E.Becvar., In Vivo Versus In Vitro Catalysis of Bacterial Luciferase, Annual National Meeting of SACNAS, Albuquerque, NM, January 1993. Muller, J.G., Duarte, V. Hickerson, R.P., Burrows, C.J. "Gel Electrophoretic Detection of 7,8-dihydro-8-oxoguanine and 7,8-dihydro-8-oxadenine via Oxidation by Ir(IV)." Nucleic Acids Res. 1998, 26:2247-2249 Muller, J.G., Hickerson, R.P. Perez, R.J., Burrows, C., "Damage from Sulfite Autoxidation Catalyzed by a Nickel (II) Peptide." J. Am. Chem. Soc. 1997, 119, 1501-1506 Publications, con't. Hickerson, R.P. Watkins-Sims, Burrows, C.J., Atkins, J.F. Geteland, R.F., Felden, B. "A Nickel Complex Cleaves Uridine in Folded Rna Structures: Application to E. coli tmRNA and Related Engineered Molecules." J. Mol. Biol. 1998, 279: 577-587. Hickerson, R.P., Prat, F., Muller, J.G., Foote, C.S., Burrows, C.J. "Sequence and Stacking Dependence of 8-oxoguanine Oxidation: Comparison of One-electron VS. Singlet Oxygen Mechanisms." Manuscript in preparation.
Holguin, Robert Garza, K.M. Research Project: role of CD28 in autoimmune responses.
Ireland, Jamie M. Dr. K.M. Garza Research Project: The Effect of Quinone compounds on primary t-cells.
Quinones, Pia Hoffman Walsh, E. Hoffman, P. and M.W. Lehker. 1996, "Molecular cloning, sequencing and southern blot analysis of cysteine proteina genes in Trichomonas vaginalis." Abstracts of the American Society for Microbiology, New Orleans, LA.
Kalamegham, Priya Aley, S. P. Kalamegham, G. Zamora, and S.B. Aley, "Genomic Organization of Cyst Wall Genes of the Primitive Protozoan Giardia lamblia," Presented MIE Science Expo, UTEP, Feb. 1997. Poster:Genome Mapping and Sequencing, 14-18 May 1997, Cold Spring Harbor Lab, Cold Spring Harbor, NY. And Molecular Parasitology Meeting VIII, 1=24-28 Sept. 1997, Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, MA Focused on testing the hypothesis that genes that are up-regulated during encystation of the parasite might be clustered in an operon type organization. Initially, in collaboration with another student, she mapped the chromosomal location of two major, known encystation genes; Cyst Wall Protein - 1 (CWP-2) to two separate chromosomes, ruling out an single operon organization for these two specific proteins.
Licon, Carlos Goldstein, P. Posters: "Effects of DMSO on C.elegans and its relationship to Arsenic and Lead as a Free Radical Scavenger", Society of Toxicology Convention in Dallas, March 13-176, 1994. Presented also at UTEP, April 18, 1994
Magdaleno, Susan Woo Pannell, K. See vita in her file for bibliography. Or Appendix, Outstanding Students (Proposal 2000 on disk)
Marroquin, Patricia Arenaz, P. Research at UTEP: Cloning of a major uracil DNA glycosylase from a Chinese hamster cDNA library.
Martinez, Bobbie Arenaz, P. Cloning the cDNA for the major apurinic/apyrimidinic endonuclease from Chinese hamsters. Her progress to date has been excellent.
Martinez, Liliana Roychowdhury, Sukla Work from Indiana published online <> ASCB abstract in Supplement to Molecular Biology of Cell (2001), vol 12, 428a, Abs #2359 Manuscript submitted in 2002 to J. Biol. Chem. Manuscript submitted in 2002 to J. Biol. Chem. Role of Tubulin-G Protein Interactions in Cancer cells. Summer Research Experience(prior to entry to MARC Prog)Research Experience for Undergraduates in Animal Behavior.Center for the Integrative Study of Animal Behavior Indiana University, 402 N. Park, Bloomington, Indiana 47405.
Maynes, Maria Webb, R. At UTEP: Focused on the cyanobacterial responses to metals such as zinc and copper as well as cellular responses to the oxyanions of arsenic (arsenate and arsenite).
Megliorino, Roxanne 458-87-3969 <> A novel strategy for identifying zinc-binding motifs.
Montes, Miguel Pannell, K. ASCB abstract in Supplement to Molecular Biology of Cell (2001), vol 12, 428a, Abs #2359 Structural / Activity Studies of Organotin Compounds
Munoz, Maria Ellzey, J. Manuscript submitted in 2002 to J. Biol. Chem.
Najera, Julia Dr. Lisa Bain testing the transport of MRP1 of know substrates (endogenous compounds and mixtures of certain toxicants). I will do this by using inside-out vesicles and measuring the concentrations of each substrate inside of the vesicle.
Ortega, Melissa Rael, E. Presentation: Ornelas, J., Ortega, M. and Rael, E.D. "Enzyme Linked Immunosorbant Assay (ELISA) Analysis of Antibody Titers Among Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus (EDDM) Patients Within the Mexican Community." The Sixth Annual Alliance for Minority Research Conference, July 17-20, 1998, Pablo, Montana.Ortega, M.,Ornelas,J. and Rael,E.D. "Analysis of Antibbody titers to Food Proteins Among IDDM Patients in a Mexican Community". The 1998 SACNAS National Conference, October 8-11, 1998, Washington, DC In Dr. Rael's lab at UTEP: Examining the HLA DQB alleles in a Mexican American population who have Insulin Dependent Diabetis Mellitus (IDDM). She is determining whether a correlation of antibodies to food products can be made to specific HLA alleles. She has examined, using ELISA, antibody titers to various antigen in 80 diabetis patients and 80 control subjects. The DQB alleles (13 studied) were detected using a PCR method.
Palacios, Rebecca Moss, D. See Vita in file
Perez, Cynthia Garza, K.M. Immune function and diabetes: C57B1/6ob mice were analyzed in an attempt to study immune function amd immune diabetes.
Perez, M. Nichole Webb, R. Won first place for poster describing her research at the Rio Grande Branch of the American Society of Microbiology. The meeting was held in Albuquerque on January22-23, 1999. The title of my poster is: "Structure/Function Studies of the Cyanobacterial Class II Metallothioneins" Involves DNA sequencing. Her research will lead to developing genetically engineered proteins that could be used to purify metal contaminated water.
Prospero, Moises Cohn, L. Bethesda, Maryland, November, 1988
Rivas, Jorge Updated 3/99 by the Med.School in Galveston, and address update by his aunt(915) 593 7878 Becvar, J. Rivas, J.M., W.R. Cabaness, and J.E.Becvar., Adenosine Monomers for Polyacrylamide Affinity Electrophoresis, Annual National Meeting of SACNAS, El Paso, TX, October 1987. Rivas, Jorge, W.R. Cabaness and JEB, FMN-Polyacrylamide Copolymers forAffinity Electrophoresis, Seventh Annual MARC Scholars conference, Bethesda, Maryland, November, 1988 Rivas Pubs con't: Rivas, Jorge, W.R. Cabaness and J.E.Becvar, FMN-Polyacrylamide Copolymers for Affinity Electrophoresis, Seventh Annual MARC Scholars conference,Bethesda, Maryland, November, 1988
Rodriguez, Alma Updated 2/99 Becvar, J. Rodriquez, Alma R., Laura E. Becvar, and J.E.Becvar., Detection of Crown Ethers via the LUMITOX Method, Annual National Meeting of SACNAS, Albuquerque, NM, January 1993.
Salgado, Cynthia Davis, M. Douheret, G., Salgado, C., Davis, M.I., Loya, J., "Ultrasonic speeds and isentropic functions of 2-(2-alkoxyethoxy)ethanol + water at 298.15 K",Thermochimica Acta, 207 (1992) 313-328
Salicru, Mauricio Garza, K.M. none CD4+ T-Cell Activation in the absence of CD28 co-stimulation. It is known that CD28 costimulation is needed to activate T-Cells. However, some data suggest that this costimulation can be done by other receptors to activate T-Cells. We will use highly activated dendritic cells and CD28 defiecient T-Cells to try and solve this problem.
Sanchez, Yolanda Goldstein, P. See vita in her file for bibliography. Molecular genetics in cancer cels
Seo, Jin Becvar, J. J. Seo, Xiang Tang, and JEB, "The Order of Addition of Reagents Affects the Kinetic Parameters of the Firefly Luciferase Assay," Annual National Meeting of SACNAS, El Paso, TX, January 1995.
Serrano,Cathey Primm, Todd Understanding Thermal Gene Regulation in Mycobacterium avium Understanding Thermal Gene Regulation in Mycobacterium avium using Differential Display RT-PCR>
Subramanian, Anna Das, S. Presentation: Subramanian, A., Carrasco, R., and Das, S. Role of phosphatidylinositol in Glycosylphosphatidylinositol anchor synthesis by Giardia lamblia, an early eukaryote. 17th International Copngress of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, San Francisco, CA. August 24-29, 1997 Studied the conversion of exogenous myoinositol to phosphatidylinositol, which finally incorporate in GPIancho. During the course of this work, she discovered a new enzyme (phosphatidylinositol/myoinositol exchange enzyme) which can be targeted for drug development against giardiasis.
Tena, Dolores Chianelli,R Affinity Electrophoresis, Seventh Annual MARC Scholars conference, Has learned to use AFM (Air Force Microscopy) and STM (Scanning Tunneling Microscopy) techniques. Se is also learning to use solid state NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) techniques. Her program under MARC will be to apply these advanced techniques as well as others to a biomedically related program of research.
Terrazas, Priscilla Pannell, K. Roles of Progesterone Metabolites in Breast Cancer
Vasquez, Yolanda Sharma, Hemant Synthesis of ferrocenyl alcohols
Velasco, Jeanne Lehker, M. Jeanne's objective is to purify and characterize the ferritin-like core particles of Trichomonas vaginalis.
Vidal, Claudia Lehker, M. Student Presentation: Vidal, C.I. And M.W. Lehker. 1996. The development of transfection methodology in the protozoan Trichomonas vaginalis. Abstracts of the American Society for Microbiology, New Orleans, LA Abstract:1996 Transduction of Human Cell Lines with Retroviral Vectors Expressing GlutaTHIONE s-Transferase Sponsored by: Jeffery S. Jones, Ph.D., Molecular Pathology Supported by: NIH Minority Supplement University of Texas at El Paso
Woodhouse, Tamar E. Pannell, K. "Studies on the Synthesis of Surenolactone", 1986, Univ. of Miami, Coral Gables, Fl. (Research Paper)